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Bowfishing trips  are available spring thru fall. Night trips start at dusk some can be in position to start bowfishing at night fall. If you've never bowfished before don't worry it's easy and I will give you a full instructional session before we start as well as coach you along the way.




You must possess a valid KY fishing license. You can get this at  all boaters will sign a waiver of liability agreement. if a minor must accompanied by a legal guardian. all equipment will be furnished, compound bows our bows are set at 35 lbs to 60 lbs. you will need to be capable of drawing a bow of this  weight unless you have you your own equipment setup for your specific needs. You are more than welcome to bring and use your own equipment.




I provide all equipment: bow, fishing arrow. I also provide the boat equipped  with lights, and life jackets. after the safety discussion we will demonstrate how to use the bowfishing equipment. after we start bowfising we will adjust the draw weight of our bows to your comfort level. you are welcome to bring a camera to take photos. due to  the nature of the trip it is advised that you may want to bring a change of clothes. We have never had anyone to fall out of the boat however due to excitement, slipping or just losing their balance  this could occur. a change of clothes will  make the trip home more comfortable in case you do get wet.




 If you are one of the Nativ Bowfishing bows and you drop your bow in the water, and if the bow is not retrievable due to the depth then unfortunately you must pay for that bow.  You will not  be held responsible for any arrows that are lost during the charter.




Our first priority is your safety. If we feel that the  weather conditions are too severe, we will postpone the trip. You can then receive a full refund or gift credit towards another hunt.





We fish Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake



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