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Q: What types of fish will I see on my Bowfishing trip?

A: Big head carp, gar, catfish , small mouth buffalo, Asian carp, grass carp etc….

Q: What time of year can I book my trip?

A: Year round          

Q: What time of day will my Bowfishing trip start?

A: 30 min before dusk 

Q: Where would we be Bowfishing, on what waters?

A: Cumberland river, Tennessee river, Lake Barkley, Kentucky lake, Ohio river


Q: What kind of equipment will I need?

A: We provide the equipment, but you must have a Kentucky fishing license.


Q: What type of clothing should I wear?

A: Old shoes or boots, pants and t-shirt and you might bring a light jacket for those cooler nights. Do not wear good clothing due to the nature of the sport.


Q: Will there be Bowfishing instructions and/or classes before we depart?

A: Yes, we will go over with the team on how we bowfish and will continue thru out the night on instructions.


Q: Do I need to bring my own food and water? We will provide bottle waters


Q: Will docking be ready available for restroom facilities? A: We usually fish in remote areas and this may not always be available.


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